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​Human Evolution: The Pandemic and You

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Life Beyond the Pandemic:
A Practical New Journey Handbook

Learn Real World, Spiritual and
Useful Tools to Rebuild, Restart and
Have a Happy, Prosperous and Joyous Life!

 "Life Beyond the Pandemic! is designed to take the reader from a spiritual perspective to real world financial prosperity with a “Step by Step Blueprint” with practical, proven tools, methods, and techniques to
start a new life in post pandemic world."

  • Easy to understand, proven and results oriented tools, techniques and methods to help the reader start their life over again to achieve a better quality of life.

  • Reader has a logical “Life Blueprint” to follow to achieve their goals, wants and desires.

  • Helps bring the reader to a new level in all aspects of their life (Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Financially).

  • Create a new, better and more properous reality now!

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  • Life Beyond the Pandemic! is designed to take the reader from a spiritual perspective to real world financial prosperity with a valuable “Step -by-Step Blueprint” containing important content with practical, proven tools, methods, and techniques which are urgently needed to start a new life in post pandemic world.


If your livelihood has been affected by COVID-19 and do not know what to do next this is an excellent place to begin your journey to a new, prosperous and joyous life!  Learn how to restart, re-engineer, and rebuild your life with a step-by-step "Life Plan Blueprint using proven, results-oriented tools and techniques to get you to a new, happy and prosperous life that you can enjoy with you and your family!

Starting over is always a challenge, at best is difficult and at worst sometimes impossible and is now even more magnified with the advent of a pandemic.  We all need, want and desire direction to pick our lives up and begin again.  As we all are multifaceted as human beings so must our approach be multifaceted as well to begin our new journey.

When starting over we just don’t want to be where we were we want to be in an even better place than where we once were in our lives.  New situations, new problems and a new way of life need new tools, methods and techniques to get to a better place spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

A new day-to-day reality needs to be created to deal, manage and thrive in the new realism of the post pandemic world.  From the spiritual to the practical each chapter offers valuable insights and life changing tools, methods and techniques to achieve a more prosperous life in all areas of our lives.

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Table of Contents





Part I: The Prologue – The Game Plan


Chapter 01: First Things First

Chapter 02: Getting Back to Basics

Chapter 03: The Reality of Starting Over

Chapter 04: The Game Plan for Your New Life


Part II: The Spiritual (Our Life Force)


Chapter 05: New Beginning Quotes

Chapter 06: Why Are We Here on This Beautiful Planet

Chapter 07: Being Human – What Does It Really Mean

Chapter 08: Some Exercises to Make Your Creativity Flow!

Chapter 09: A Little Bit of Spiritual Stuff to Help You on Your Journey

Chapter 10: Spiritual Guidance: Finding Your Purpose from Some Interesting Sources

Chapter 11: Prosperity: What is the True Meaning?

Chapter 12: You Have the Power to Create Your Perfect Life Experience


PART III:  The Emotional (Our Emotional Heart)


Chapter 13: More New Beginning Quotes

Chapter 14: Emotional Baggage – The Personal Clutter that Hold You Back

Chapter 15; Public Service - Service to Others

Chapter 16: What’s Your True Passion in Life?

Chapter 17: How Would You Like to Live Your Life?

Chapter 18: Finding Your Path to Where You Want to Go!

PART IV: The Mental (Our Mind)


Chapter 19: Even More New Beginning Quotes

Chapter 20: The Power of Our Minds

Chapter 21: What are Your Personal Gifts, Talents and Attributes?

Chapter 22: Uncover All of Your Education and Skills


PART V: The Physical (Our Body)


Chapter 23: Yes, Even More New Beginning Quotes

Chapter 24: Eating Right, Exercise and Mother Nature

Chapter 25: The Real World: How Do I Move Forward with My Life?

Chapter 26: Your REAL Job – How to Find It!

Chapter 27: Yes, You Can Have a Job and Live Your Life Purpose!

Chapter 28: Should I be an Entrepreneur and Run My Own Business?

Chapter 29: Business Tools to Help You with Your Business


PART VI: Epilogue – Putting it All Together


Chapter 30: Your Life Purpose Statement – Let the Whole World Know Who You Really Are!

Chapter 31: Your Life Master Plan – Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

Chapter 32: Enjoy and Celebrate Your Life’s Purpose and Celebrate Your Life!

Chapter 33: Now Let’s Get Back to Our New, Better and Prosperous Lives!




PART VII:  Resources



Footnotes                                                                                      Bibliography                             


Oreste J. D'Aversa is a Business Coach, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, University Lecturer, Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Coach/Advisor. He is also an Inter-Faith
​(All-Faiths) Minister ordained by The New Seminary in New York City, New York, helping people by offering spiritual guidance, helping find their true life's purpose and living their true spiritual path. He has appeared on radio and television as well as having his work featured in various newspapers and journals.

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  • Chapter 3: What is Networking and Why is It so Important? - Learn what all the excitement is about Networking and that you must be a part of it to be successful in the "new economy."
  • Chapter 4: Target Your Audience - How important it is for you to be in front of "right" people when you network.
  • Chapter 5: How to Dress When Networking – Learn how to dress for success so people take you seriously when you're out business networking.
  • Chapter 6: Your Networking Brochure - Your Business Card - Your business card is your "must have" tool to networking success!
  • Chapter 7: Create a Buzz - Your Networking Name Badge – Learn how to make people come to you using a well-designed name badge!
  • Chapter 8: Your Business Networking Introduction - How to tell people what you do in 90 seconds and then have them asking you for MORE!
  • Chapter 9: Your Job Search Networking - How to work the "hidden job market" in a whole new way to get you more interviews and land the job of your dreams!
  • Chapter 10: How to be "Yenta" or How to Work the Room Like a Pro! - How to effectively talk to an entire room full of people and you don’t have to be Jewish to do it!
  • Chapter 11: Don't Go for the Close - How NOT to go for the close and still win!


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