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Attention: Technology Based Businesses and Technology-Based Sales People that Want to Close More Deals Faster!


Learn a fresh new approach to sell technology based solutions using a proven powerful step-by-step selling system and increase your sales immediately.  My Total Technology Selling System™ approach is the definitive guide and will make you more money is less time using established sales methods and techniques specifically designed for the technology industry.  Sales processes you can duplicate over and over again to help you close more deals in less time!


Dear Technology Based Businesses and Sales Professionals:

Are you struggling to close more business in your technology based company? Do you have a great technology product and/or service but aren't sure how to let prospects know about you? Are you frustrated with your current marketing and sales efforts for your technology based business and looking for fresh, new and unique ways to promote your business?


Do you see your competitors growing and wonder what they are doing to be so successful (even when you know their product or service isn't nearly as good as yours)?

Unfortunately, too many technology based businesses and professionals have strong technical skills, but don't know how to attract new clients! This is a common problem that I hear over and over again.

Frequently, I get calls and emails from technology based businesses and sales people that express to me, in private, their feelings of frustration and anxiety in their marketing and sales efforts. Perhaps there are times when even you feel...

  • Frustrated with your inability to attract new clients.
  • Tired of networking with little or no results.
  • Discouraged because you can't seem to turn interested prospects into paying clients.
  • Annoyed because you're not getting the type or size of deals you had hoped for.
  • Puzzled as to what marketing and sales tactics you should be using and how to use them.
  • Confused because you are just starting out and don't know how to get your first clients.

I've even known a few technology based businesses and sales people that became so frustrated that they called it quits!


Please don't do that!

If you...


  • Would you like to have a technology based business with all the clients you can handle
  • Want to learn how to make qualified prospects pick up the phone and call you...
  • Would enjoy picking and choosing the deals you want to work on...
  • Are interested in becoming a well-known and recognized expert in your industry...
  • Would like to attract more clients without feeling like a pushy salesperson...

...then I think you would benefit from what I have to say.


"There is a Terrible Myth that May Very Well Be Killing Your Technology Based Business, Even as You Read this Page. You see many technology based businesses believe that if they have a great technology product and/or service that business will come to them!

Well, you probably do offer the best technology product and you probably do offer great service. You have the best trained employees, the longest warranties, and the most awards.

But that alone doesn't bring you all the prospects you can handle... does it?

No! If you don't promote your business, it will eventually dry up and blow away - no matter how good your technology product or service is.

That's why I've created the SELL More Technology NOW! Total Technology Selling System™ and Sales manual.

"Now You Can Give Your Business The Unfair Advantage, Using Innovative Marketing and Selling Tactics That Get Results Fast"

Each SELL More Technology NOW! manual contains well over 200 pages, packed full of proven technology marketing and sales practices, that will improve the sales of any technology based product or service.

It doesn't matter if you are a technology provider in the areas of hardware, software or professional services. What you'll learn in these manuals will allow you to dominate any market of your choosing... guaranteed.


"Who Am I and Why Should You Believe Me?"


My name is Oreste J. D'Aversa and I have been in the technology industry for over 20 years and have worked sales and consulting positions my entire professional life.

I have worked for some of the world's largest technology companies, such as Computer Associates, PeopleSoft, and Cyborg Systems, closing software and professional services deals ranging from the low five figure to multi-million dollars.  I've also been a Director of Sales for a start up "dot com" and understand the challenges of selling technology based products and/or services when you are not a well known name like Microsoft.


I personally continue to use these technology based marketing and sales strategies in my book. This is not just theory. I know it works because I use it myself in my own technology based sales consulting business.



Volume One - Selling Technology

In Volume 1: Selling Technology of this 347 page manual you will learn actual sales techniques and practices used by some of the largest technology based companies in the world.  These step-by-step processes show you exactly how to close technology based sales with methods you can duplicate time and time again.  Chapters contain technology selling practices, exercises and worksheets you can master with little effort and start using them immediately to close more deals, generate more sales revenues and increase your profits!



Here's what's in the Book and What You will be Learning...

Chapter 1: How to Create a Successful Daily Sales Plan


Plan your work and work your plan.  Studies have shown that those technology based businesses and sales people that develop and use a sales plan out-perform those that don’t have a plan by 30%. You can create a successful plan for your technology based business in less than a day following this simple six-step plan.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletThe six basic components to creating a successful Sales Plan.

bulletThe importance of clearly defining your Objective.

bulletHow Targeting your Market will get you more clients.

bulletSales Strategies you must know to be successful selling technology based solutions.

bulletHow Marketing Activities keep the clients coming.

bulletHow to define and attack Territory to be more productive.

bulletThe importance of using contact management software to dramatically to increase sales performance.

bulletA  actual Sample Sales Plan used to generate millions of dollars of technology based sales revenues for a major technology company.

bulletSales Plan Worksheets to help you map out your master sales strategy.


Chapter 2: Time and Territory Management

The Key to Unlimited Sales Productivity
Time and territory management is critical to your success. Whether your a large technology based company, a technology based sales person or consultant, if you "work smart" on a daily basis your sales will explode and you will far exceed your sales goals!

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to master your time and effectively increase your sales productivity.

bulletUnderstand the Value of Your Time and identifying money making activities.

bulletTime Management Basics that will save you over 10 hours a week.

bulletDaily Schedule Worksheet to plan your sales activities and maximize your effectiveness.

bulletThe three critical keys to Territory Management.

bulletMy Territory Monthly Prospect List will help you build more sales with key accounts.

bulletSix tips to generate more revenue and manage your Territory more effectively.

Chapter 3: Understanding Customer Needs -
What Your Customer Really Needs, Wants and Desire?

By understanding what customer wants you will find yourself selling more technology based solutions.  Many customers give you a "symptom" of their problem, you want to get to the "cause".  By doing so you will find yourself generating even more profits.  Always be "customer-focused" in your sales approach and watch your sales skyrocket!

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletThree things that you need to know about how your customer thinks.

bulletThe "must have" Marketing Tool that will give you the edge over your competition.

bulletHow learning about your Customers Background and Business Practices will help you generate more technology based sales.

bulletKnowing how to analyze your customers problems the critical step to helping your customers and closing larger deals.

bulletHow to Qualify the Prospect quickly turning a prospect into a customer effortlessly and without "high pressure" sales tactics.

bulletSample  Customer Assessment Tool that will help you immediately identify the prospects needs. Be viewed as the expert in your field and close more deals faster!

Chapter 4: How to Tell People Exactly What You Do in 90 Seconds!

The business world travels at a much faster pace than ever before.  Business people don't have time to understand your technology based solution.  You must tell them in a clear, concise manner exactly how your offering will be of superior value to their business.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to starting Closing the Deal as soon as you meet a prospect.

bulletLearn the "must have" business introduction that guarantees you Network like a professional without stress.

bulletHow to create your own Technology Based Business Value Proposition that will have prospects asking you for more.

bulletSample a Technology Based Business Value Proposition you can use immediately.

bulletWorksheets to create your own compelling Technology Based Business Value Proposition that will guarantee your success.

Chapter 5: How to Fill The Sales Pipeline with Hot Leads!

The Sales Pipeline is the life's blood of your business.  Slow down the flow of prospects in your sales pipeline and watch your business slowly grind to a halt!  The techniques in this chapter will keep your pipeline filled with hot prospects!

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow the low cost method of "Drip Marketing" can have your phone ringing off the hook.

bullet"Insider" tips and techniques about effective Direct Mailing.

bulletHow to write effective Sales Letters so prospects contact you.

bulletActual sample of a Technology Based Sales Letter.

bulletHow to use Email as part of your low cost marketing strategy to get new customers.

bulletHow to use the Internet as your virtual business storefront to make money while you sleep.

bulletHow to find more qualified prospects when selling Person-to-Person.

bulletHow to use Seminars as a low cost sales tool to drive new customers to your technology based business.

Chapter 6: Easy and Stress Less Cold Calling Techniques

How to turn your telephone into a secret weapon that will generate new clients at a very low cost. Using cold calling with a contact management system will explode your sales productivity!

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletThe three main benefits of Cold Calling to help you get more customers.

bulletSix proven calling strategies use by internationally renowned  technology companies.

bulletFour Calling tactics to get you more appointments.

bulletHow using Telephone Scripts will make more natural and relaxed.

bulletSample script that you can duplicate for continued success.

bulletCreate you own powerful script with the Telemarketing Script Worksheet.

bulletTelephone worksheets to help you monitor your progress and improve your appointment percentage.

Chapter 7: How and Where to Find Good Clients!

Finding clients is critical to the growth of your business.  There are many hidden "goldmines" where you can prospect for new clients at little or no cost.  You no longer have to spend a fortune to get a steady flow of well paying customers.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bullet"Insider" Advertising techniques to improve your response rates by 20% or more.

bulletHow to use Charitable Organizations as a low cost lead generation tool.

bulletIntroduce  your technology based products and services to Chamber of Commerce members to get more clients.

bulletHow to generate more leads at a Business Networking function.

bulletHow to build strategic alliances and find new clients at Business Associations.

bulletThe "hidden" gem to find clients in your Local Business Publications.

bulletHow to get more Referrals and help your business grow much faster with little effort.

bulletStrategic Business Alliances will create a no cost lead source.

bulletUnlock the power of Target Mailing Lists to get more clients.

bulletHow to generate leads at Trade Shows when you do not you have a booth.

bulletHow to maximize leads at your Trade Show booth with my  proven success system.

Chapter 8: Moving The Deal Faster - You're The Quarter Back

Whether your the business owner, sales person or a consultant of a technology based company, when it comes to getting and managing deals you are in charge.  You have to run that deal as though you are the quarterback of a football team.  Strategy, tactics and "getting it done" is your responsibility.  This is the bottom line when selling technology!  These methods are currently being used by some of the largest technology companies in the world and you need to be using them as well to close more deals faster!  This is the "inside track" on selling technology based products and services.  You'll be selling more than your competitors in no time!

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to understand and use to your advantage the critical "Complex Sale" when selling technology based solutions.

bulletUnderstanding the "Buying Influences" and how that information will help you move your technology based deal faster.

bulletIncrease your sales effectiveness and productivity with the Account Management Form.

bulletHow to use the power of your Headquarters to close more deals in less time.

bulletThe power of "Executive Bridging" can bring in deals you thought were unattainable.

Chapter 9: The Sales Deal Blue Print - How To Close Every Deal

A blue print shows you what needs to be accomplished for a particular project.  You build a house with a blue print, now  you can use a blue print to make your technology sale.  Unleash the power of the Sales Deal Blue Print and close more deals faster.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletClearly Identify what technology based product and services you are selling.

bulletHave all the answers to the "tough" Sales Questions to close your deal faster.

bulletKnow who your "Buying Influences" are and their respective roles.

bulletIdentify the prospects Reporting Structure so you know how to deploy your resources efficiently.

bulletHow to a more effective Sales Strategy to close your deal.

bulletClearly define your prospect's Decision Making Process to avoid missing critical information necessary to close your deal.

bulletYou will have a step-by-step system to perform the necessary tasks in your sales process - Needs Analysis, Presentation, Signed Contract, etc.

bulletIdentify "Red Flag" issues so they can be resolved immediately.

bulletKnow your Competition's strengths and weakness so you can plan your winning strategy.

Chapter 10: The Sales Process -
The Eight Most Important Steps to Close Every Deal


All successful businesses have a sales process to close deals consistently.  Having a sales process for your technology based business will help you close more deals in much less time.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletUnderstanding the Advantages of Standardizing your Sales Processes and use them to increase your sales revenues.

bulletHow using a Sales Process can help close deals faster.

bulletHow to use the power of sales reporting as part of your Standardized Sales Process.

bulletIncrease your closing percentage using Sales Process Guidelines.

bulletHow the Sales Pipeline Report can give critical business sales intelligence for your business.

bulletCreate your own step-by-step Sales Process with The Sales Process Work Sheet.

Chapter 11: The Sales Process Questionnaire -
Your Secret Weapon to Help You Maximize Every Opportunity!


Be viewed as a true technology based sales professional by conducting a proper needs analysis.  The Sales Processes Questionnaire is an easy to use tool that will get your "prospect" to become a new "client" in no time at all! Tools are only good when you know how to use them.  Unlock the power of The Sales Deal Blueprint with The Sales Process Questionnaire.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHave a systematic approach and process to close more deals with The Sales Process Questionnaire.

bulletHow to qualify your prospects quickly with the Meaningful Conversation section.

bulletDetermine what technology based solution your prospect needs, wants and desires in the Needs Analysis section.

bulletBe prepared like a true technology based sales professional using the Presentation section.

bulletShow your technology based product or service like a "pro" with the Demonstration section.

bulletThe Post Demonstration Follow-Up section is critical to move your deal faster.

bulletIn the Proposal Submission section you will understand your prospect's buying process.

bulletHow to move your prospect to a signed deal using The Contract Phase section.

bulletAn Example of a Sales Process Questionnaire you can use immediately.

Chapter 12: Appointment Preparation -
The More Your Know the Faster you Close


Preparation is critical when meeting with prospective customers.  Being prepared before you go on a sales call will separate you from your competition and will ultimately get you the deal.  It is easy to do and takes very little time so blow away other vendors by being prepared for your sales calls.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletSales Call preparation is the key to closing more deals in less time.

bulletUse the Sales Call Plan Form to guarantee a professional sales call every time.

bulletHow having a Sales Call Purpose will give you a laser beam focus everytime.

bulletHaving specific Sales Objectives will give you detailed tasks to accomplish when meeting with your prospect.

bulletBy understanding your Prospect's Objectives you will be able to move the deal faster for a "Win-Win" situation.

bulletYou will have a Sales Call Strategy to know what you are going to do once you get in front of your prospect.

bulletPerform the proper Research for Your Sales Call and your deal will be half way closed before you even get there.

bulletHow to prepare a Sales Agenda that will make your meetings more productive and efficient.

bulletHow leaving the right information will move your deal faster.

bulletHow to get the right information to keep your deal moving forward.

bulletA sample of a Sales Plan Form to be productive immediately.

Chapter 13: Presentations - Less Is More
(How to Be Concise and On Point Every Time)


Knowing how to present your technology based solution is a very important step to closing the deal.  You must present value in a clear concise manner and move your prospect closer to the deal.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletThe importance of Presentation Skills to your sales process.

bulletHow to communicate more effectively with the use of "Presentation Speak".

bulletSeven basic questions you need to answer in your Presentations.

bulletHow to construct a dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

bulletTips for delivering effective technology based presentations.

bulletAn sample of  a Presentation Preparation Form.

Chapter 14: Demonstrations -
If People Want to See Apples Don't Show Them Oranges


Your prospect is going to want to see your technology based solution in action before they decide to buy it.  If  you sell software a demonstration will be required. For services, your prospect will require references and a site visit.  Either way you must be prepared so you can win the deal.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletTechniques you must know to deliver a dynamic and effective  demonstration.

bulletThe thirteen principles you must know to deliver effective demonstrations.

bulletA sample of a Demonstration Preparation Form.

bulletThe five reference steps you must use to close to the deal if you are selling technology based services.

bulletA sample of the References Form.

Chapter 15: Proposals That Get Attention and Don't Bore People to Death!

You will need a proposal of your technology based solution.  You must spend more time selling and less time writing proposals.  Learn how to prepare easy to understand and concise proposals that get noticed.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow you can get proposals out faster with the Technology Solutions Proposal Template.

bulletThe nine keys your technology based proposal must have to be successful.

bulletsample of a Technology Based Solutions Proposal.

Chapter 16: Objections!
Are a Good Thing, They Move You Closer to Getting The Deal


Most if not all of your technology based sales deals are going to have objections.  Objections are a good thing because if your prospect did not have any objections or questions they would not be interested in your  technology based solutions.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow Objections are a good thing to move your deal forward.

bulletLearn why prospects have Objections and how you can over come them.

bulletThe seven categories of Objections you must know.

bulletTips for easily handling objections.

bulletHow to have a Strategic Plan for Handling Objections.

bulletYou will have the answer for every question and be prepared for every objection before your meeting.

bulletA Sample of Handling Objections Worksheet.

Chapter 17: The Contract Phase - Negotiate To Win!

Contracts and negotiations are a necessary part of closing technology based sales deals.  You want to be prepared to a achieve a "Win/Win" closing with your client so the business relationship starts off on a positive note. 

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to prepare yourself Before the Negotiation.

bulletDealing with Pricing Issues During the Negotiation.

bulletProtect yourself with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

bulletSimplified Contract Management.

bulletSeven tips you must know to conduct "Win/Win" Contract Negotiations.

bulletA Sample of a Negotiation Worksheet.

Chapter 18: Understanding and Out Selling Your Competition

Competition is present in most technology based deals you will be working.  Know how to beat your competition by understanding how they operate. Some basic research will produce knowledge that will help you outsell other vendors and make you shine in front of your prospect.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletThe eight important questions you need to know about your competition.

bulletHow using a Competitive Analysis effectively can help you out maneuver other vendors.

bulletAn Sample of  Competitive Analysis Worksheet.

bulletSample Competitive Analysis Worksheet completed used a technology based product.

Chapter 19: How to Close The Deal and Deliver What you Promise

It's all about closing the deal and delivering what you promise to your new client.  Closing your prospects for their business is a natural part of the sales process.  Once you close your deal deliver what you promise and turn your client into a great reference.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to spot the Prospect's Buying Signals.

bulletSample Buying Signals with Closing Statements.

bulletThree easy-to-use Closing Techniques.

bulletDelivering what you promise the key to your success.

bulletBecome the "Trusted Advisor" and become the "go to" person for your client.

Chapter 20: How to Evaluate and Improve Every Part of Your Sales Process

Evaluating every deal whether successful or not will be critical to your long- term success.  Learn how to duplicate success and make adjustments when necessary.  This will dramatically improve your ability to close more deals in less time.

What you'll learn in this chapter...

bulletHow to evaluate and improve your sales deals.

bulletThe "Win/Loss Report" - your sales tool for improvement.

bulletSample of a Win/Loss Report.

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