Find, Live and be Prosperous in Your True Life's Purpose and Enjoy all the Rewards that Go With It!

What Are You Doing with Your Life?

  • Are you living your life on purpose?
  • How do you find your purpose in life?
  • How do you live a meaningful life?

As so many aspects of modern day life are unfulfilling and empty. More people are asking these and other meaningful questions.  


To learn one’s life’s purpose, it truly involves the process of discovery of one’s true path. It is a journey to discover one’s true self. Discovering ones skills, education and natural gifts, which when found and examined, help one discover their true life purpose.  Many times personal gifts, talents and attributes are taken for granted.  These may be the very abilities leading a person to live their true life purpose.

Discovering Your Life Purpose: The Journey Within gives the reader a unique perspective on the purpose of one’s life. This perspective will take the reader from the spiritual to the practical. We are here in this time and this place for a specific reason, many do not know what that reason is nor do they know their true life purpose as to why they are here. It is the mission of this book to help those that are seeking their true life purpose and their true “work”. The book has been designed with easy, enjoyable, practical exercises and tools to help those on their journey to find their true life purpose. Once you find your life’s purpose and your true work your life will never be the same. Enjoy the adventure of your journey. It’s not the end it’s only the beginning…

Table of Contents


About the Author


Chapter 1:     Introduction


Chapter 2:     Why are We Here on this Beautiful planet?


Chapter 3:     Being Human – What does it Really mean?


Chapter 4:     Some Exercises to Make Your Creativity Flow!


Chapter 5:     A Little Bit of Spiritual Stuff to Help You On Your Journey


Chapter 6:     Guidance Finding Your Purpose from some Universal Sources


Chapter 7:     Prosperity: What is the true meaning?


Chapter 8:     What’s Your Passion? 


Chapter 9:     How Would You Like to Live Your Life?


Chapter 10:  Finding Your Path to Where You Want to Go


Chapter 11:   What are Your Personal Gifts, Talents and Attributes?


Chapter 12:  Discover Your Education and Skill sets


Chapter 13:   Your True Job – Learn How to Find it!


Chapter 14:  Yes, You can Have a Job and Still do Your Life Purpose!


Chapter 15:   Should I be an Entrepreneur?


Chapter 16:   Your Life Purpose Statement – Let the World Know Who You Really Are!


Chapter 17:   Your Life Master Plan – Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan


Chapter 18:   You Are Instilled with the Power to Manifest the Perfect Life Experience


Chapter 19:   Enjoy and Celebrate Your Life Purpose and Celebrate Your Life!


Chapter 20:   Conclusion






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